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Many people may have the wrong thought that the only way a female can reach her orgasm is through penetration. The clitoris is the female erogenous zone which has approximately 8,000 nerve endings, this makes it equal or more sensitive than a penis. Unlike the penis, the clitoris can maintain a large amount of blood after orgasm, which allows the female to maintain arousal and achieve multiple orgasms. Therefore, many girls prefer to stimulate their clitoris in order to obtain a better climax and in many cases, it is the only stimulus they need. If this is your case, the ideal toy for you is a vibrator that stimulates this area.


Among the favorite toys for beginners are the famous bullets or eggs. This type of vibrator tends to be small but with good vibrations. The idea behind this type of toy is to stimulate only this area to reach the climax in a more precise and intense way. There are also the popular "wands" or massagers, which have become popular to stimulate the clitoris as they provide more capacity for vibration and arousal. On this occasion one of the toys that we can recommend is the "Sensuelle Point Plus". This practical toy can be your best choice because it has a variety of functions and power.


  • It has 20 vibrating functions ranging from low to high and changing patterns.
  • Brings 2 additives for better clitoral stimulation.
  • It is rechargeable, disregarding that you run out of batteries.
  • It is waterproof, which gives you the freedom to use it in the shower.
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer's warranty on manufacturing defects.


This toy gives you the ability to reach orgasm by yourself, but its practical and simple design gives you the opportunity to integrate it into bed without intimidating your partner. They can use it while they practice oral sex, or quietly place it while they are penetrating for better stimulation. You can get it visiting our store


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