About us:

Condom World was founded in 1992 in Puerto Rico by Nicolas Perez, in the middle of the AIDES crisis with the intention of making the use of condoms much more prevalent in our society, at the time Puerto Rico had one of the lowest per capita use of condoms in Latin America not to mention the United States. Our guiding principles were that sex shouldn't be a taboo subject, we encouraged people to talk about sexuality much more openly with their partners and most importantly at that time was having open conversations about how they could keep each other safe.  Right from the beginning we embraced all partnerships between consenting adults and we were warmly received by the LGBT community.  Our stance and message was not well received by all, we were picketed by the "moral majority" and other religious groups which put a lot of pressure on local authorities to close us down. We underwent a total of 7 court battles to stay open.  Thankfully the courts favored us in all their decisions, and we stopped being harassed by the government.  Today we continue to operate 18 retail stores in Puerto Rico.  The website is operated by a separate unit with a distribution center in New Jersey with capabilities of world wide distribution.


We Care About Our Customers:

In more than 30 years of operation we have always put our customers first, we operate with honesty and integrity.  Our customers know they can trust Condom World to treat them fairly, protect their privacy and keep our promises.

We strive to provide the best customer service possible and we welcome your feedback to make us better every day.