No Hat, No Birthday.

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When it comes to having sex, chances are we've heard things like, "the condom feels tight", "doesn't feel the same with a condom", "one time, nothing will happen",  "I'm allergic to latex," "he is the one who has to buy them", etc.  It is very important that we are sure how to handle this subject and how aware we are of the consequences of not using prophylactics. The condom is not merely used to avoid pregnancies, but is the only method that helps protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know the person you're going to get intimate with? Do you know if they get tested for STD’s and are healthy? These are questions that one must ask before deciding that the condom is not necessary. I've always found it curious that many of my customers would tell me about their experiences and say things like, "No hat, no birthday," but then tell me they practiced unprotected oral sex; this made me think that many people don't know or don’t associate that STDs can also be spread through oral sex and in the end, "the hat" was just an accessory.

There are condoms made of latex, polyisoprene or sheepskin, the last two are manufactured for those allergic to latex or with sensitive skin. They come in different sizes so that the most suitable is chosen to avoid a very loose or tight fit. Condoms exist with textures, colors, flavors, with different types of lubricants for greater sensations or arousal, with delay creams, for oral sex, for the vagina, for fingers, etc.

What to do to use the condom correctly?  Condoms are made of sturdy material and pass tests before being packed but time or external conditions can cause them to break. You can use these tips to go safe and have the best experience:

  • Check the expiration date.
  • Never open a condom with your teeth or nails, as you can pierce it without realizing it.
  • Blow the condom a little before placing it (as if you were going to fill a balloon). If the tip of the condom retains air, it is not punctured.
  • Prevent exposing it to direct air (wind, fans, AC). Direct air can dry the condom and cause it to break.
  • Never use oil with latex condoms. The oil causes the latex to dissolve.
  • Every time you take a break or switching from one type of sex to another, it is advisable to change the condom. Condoms after a while can stretch due to friction making them less safe. It is also important that when switching from vaginal penetration to oral sex, anal sex, or vice versa in any variant, you use a new condom to prevent the transfer of bacteria that may cause fungi or a change in the PH.
  • If you decide to use a condom to protect yourself from an STD, you should ALWAYS remember to keep it on for ANY type of contact.


Remember that only you can choose to stay healthy, and at Condom World we are here to help Protect the Planet.


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