The perfect lubricant - Pt. I

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For me, lubricants are the perfect assistant when it comes to get intimate. It comes in a variety of brands, ingredients, temperatures, flavors, functions, etc. It is perfect when looking for something simple and not too expensive to get out of the monotony. There are those who have the wrong perception that lubricant can only be used if there is dryness, the reality is that lubricants are an ally to help sex become much more fun and enjoyable. Using lubricant increases the sensations because it prevents friction or discomfort.


Lubricants can be classified according to their base and then subdivided according to their function. The three principal classifications of lubricants are:


  • Water Lubricants: Water-based lubricants are very popular as they feel more natural. They are absorbed through the skin and tend to be cheaper.


  • Silicone lubricants: they remain on the surface of the skin and are compatible with latex condoms. They last a little longer, are waterproof and are mostly recommended for anal sex.


  • Oil Lubricant: they are mostly used for male masturbation. They are not compatible with latex condoms.


We must bear in mind that, although a lubricant has the same base, it will NOT feel the same. There are lubricants that are more viscous, silkier, others that are more durable, stickier, etc. It should also be borne in mind that many can be organic or specialized for sensitive skins free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives or glycerin. It is very important that, when deciding to use a lubricant for penetration, we use products manufactured specifically for this function to avoid infections or reactions of any kind. DO NOT use any petroleum-based, oil, or sugar-containing products for penetration. In this series we will talk about the different bases found in:


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