The ideal toy for you. - Pt. II

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After self-exploration we may not yet be completely sure which type of stimulus we prefer. Therefore, if you want to choose a toy that covers several bases, a good first choice is the rabbit type vibrator. As explained in part one, this type of toy stimulates both the clitoris area and the vaginal canal, providing a more complete and intense experience. If you still do not decide if you prefer to stimulate your clitoris, or prefer only the penetration to reach your climax, this vibrator may be the best option since most models give you the opportunity to stimulate both areas at once or control each separately.


The Rabbits come in various sizes, colors, materials and with a variety of functions and vibrations. There are models that apart from vibration can rotate, thrust, have massage beads, have a warming function, etc. Within the variety of rabbits, a good toy option is the "Premium Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Beaded Rabbit Vibrator".


This toy:

  • It is rechargeable, disregarding that you run out of batteries.
  • It is water resistant, which gives you the freedom to use it in the shower.
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer's warranty on manufacturing defects.


But let’s talk about what really matters, the functions of this product. This product has two motors for better functionality and greater power, has pearls that move along along the toy to stimulate the vaginal canal and provides a combination of 7 functions of vibration that includes patterns of pulsation and scaling to take you to the most intense orgasm .


PREMIUM JACK RABBIT SILICONE BEADED RABBIT -SE060930 – Condom World-Romantic Emporium Inc.


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