The ideal toy for you - Pt. I

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We wake up one day determined that we want to experiment with a sex toy for the first time, only to find that when choosing, there are too many options and we do not know which one to choose. Here, I give you a short guide on how to select the ideal toy for you. Before explaining the different varieties of toys, the best advice I can offer you is: Touch yourself. Yes, the person who knows your body best is YOU and this facilitates the process of choosing the toy that will meet your needs. Exploring your body will make you relax and learn what is the type of stimulus that leads you to an orgasm. For each person there is a toy, and the most popular options are those that I mention here:


- Vibrators – are all type of toys that have the function of vibration to stimulate the erogenous zones of the body and obtain sexual stimulation, facilitating the orgasm.


- Bullets - The famous bullets are small toys designed to stimulate the clitoris area. They are known by this name because they mostly have the shape of small bullets or eggs.  You can find bullets that are rechargeable or bullets that are battery operated both wireless and with cable. In general, they usually have intense vibrations that manage to sensitize and stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasms with greater ease.


- Dildo - Dildos are toys that are usually phallic in shape and are designed to stimulate through penetration. The most popular ones come with a suction cup that holds them on a surface or adapts to harnesses (strap-on).


- Rabbits - Usually they are known as vibrators that stimulate the clitoris area and the vaginal canal at the same time. This name is booming because the most popular models are bunny shaped in the area that stimulates the clitoris, but today you can find all kinds of different design, obtaining the same functionality. The variety of these toys is immense since there are rechargeable, batterie operated, with rotating pearls, with suction for the clitoris, etc.


- Butt Plugs - this are toys designed to stimulate the anal area. For the most part, they have a shape that goes from smaller to larger, which facilitates dilation of the rectum for comfort and stimulation.


There are more toys for each person, and they have varieties that vary in size, vibration levels, functions, etc. All toys are also manufactured in different materials for all skin types, sensitivity and / or taste. The important thing is always that you choose the right toy for you and that you maintain excellent hygiene and lubrication, so that your support partner lasts a long time.



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