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Most of the time we talk about sexual stimulation, we quickly think of penetration. This is because we commonly associate obtaining sexual satisfaction with the act involving penis and vagina. The vaginal canal is composed of elastic muscular walls and mucous membranes that allow the lubrication and contraction of it, to stimulate the penis during sexual intercourse. Although most of the nerve endings are not concentrated within the vaginal canal but near the vaginal opening, there are females that receive intense orgasms with the stimulation of the famous g-spot or with simple penetration.


It seems normal that whenever we talk about toys we think of vibrators since many times we seek a more intense and practical experience when stimulating ourselves. The vibrators for penetration are the most recognized toys, but one type of toy that is very popular is the dildo. These toys are usually phallic in shape and are used to stimulate through penetration, ideal for girls who may be very sensitive to vibration or who prefer to experience a more "natural" act. The dildos come in different sizes, materials, colors and many bring a suction cup that allows them to be placed on surfaces or adapted to harnesses (strap-on). Today we recommend one of the most popular dildos in our stores, the "Latin Nights 8Inch ULTRASKYN".


This Toy:

  • It is Latex free.
  • It is free of phthalates or other toxic materials.
  • Molded from a real erect penis.
  • Like a real penis, warms to the touch and with friction.


This toy gives you texture, shape and veins that simulate a real penis. It can also be adapted to harnesses (strap-ons). The ULTRASKYN formula helps provide firmness inside but has an exterior that simulates real skin. To keep this toy in its optimal conditions, we recommend you always use it with a water-based lubricant and always clean it with a good toy cleaner and water. Before storing it, you can use any of the renew powder to maintain the softness of the toy and prevent it from becoming damp and sticky. You can find this fabulous toy on our shop:


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