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cock ring


In our past blogs, we have talked about different types of toys that we can use to get to know and please ourselves. It should be noted that all toys reviewed, at some time or another can make an appearance when we are in the intimate moment with our partners. It is completely normal that when deciding which will be that first toy that we’ll use with our partner, many may fear the fact that their partners could reject it or feel intimidated by it, so communication and respecting your partners boundaries is very important.


When choosing the first toy to use with your partner, we can recommend a vibrating cock ring. The vibrating cock ring is a toy that is placed at the base of the penis, with the vibrating motor facing up so that, at the time of penetration, the motor stimulates the clitoris. In turn, the ring will pass its vibration towards the penis, creating the illusion that it has become a vibrator. Vibration in the penis stimulates the vaginal canal while stimulating the penis, but do not worry guys that the ring helps divert overstimulation by helping to delay ejaculation. The ring can also be used as a bullet while practicing oral sex to stimulate ​​the clitoris. In the case of lesbian couples, they can use it with the latter option or or add the ring to a dildo to convert it into a vibrator. In the case of gay couples, the engine can be placed down to stimulate the testicles or perineum. On this occasion we recommend the: "Nu Sensuelle Bullet Ring".

This toy:

  • Powerful and Rechargeable Bullet
  • 7 vibration modes
  • Waterproof
  • 1-year warranty with the manufacturer
  • USB cable to recharge.


This toy is made of body safe materials. You can use the bullet separately to stimulate the clitoris or with the ring. It is a powerful vibrator that guarantees you to reach your maximum orgasm. You can purchase it at: https://condomworld.shop/collections/cock-rings/products/nu-sensuelle-bullet-ring-7-function-cock-ring-bt-m36cl .

 cock ring

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