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Sex and Mischief Jeweled Flogger. Stroke Me, Stroke Me. Stroke after exhilarating stroke, the flogger was brought down upon my yearning and receptive flesh. At times there was almost a musical rhythm to the frenzy, but it seemed every time I had figured out the pattern, the cadence was changed; sometimes very slightly, other times, maddeningly so. Nevertheless, regardless of the unrelenting crack of the whip, I never asked for it to stop. We both knew our parts, and thank heavens, we both relished in our roles. High-quality, strands are the heart and soul of these fun new whips. Handles with wrist strap help to keep flogger in hand. Your partner will love the unique feel. Whip for role playing and discipline. Whip or caress your partner with this faux leather flogger with jeweled accent. Beautifully designed with practical use in mind. Details length is 30 inches. Materials Vinyl fabric, nickel free metal hardware, wood, plastic. Includes: 1 Jeweled Flogger, 30 inches in length. Jeweled Flogger from Sportsheets redefines S&M. 18