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Enjoy intense blowjob like simulation with the incredible Suck N Stroke Head Pump. This easy to use tip teaser creates a powerful suction action that stimulates the sensitive nerve endings underneath and around your penis head. With each squeeze of the medical style pump ball, the soft rubber sleeve clings to your manhood and slides up and down with each pump. Choose a ring size first, slide the ring over the sleeve, fold the sleeve over the pump cylinder, and enjoy a vacuum tight seal around your head. Be sure to use plenty of Moist lotion for an extra wet, extra wild encounter! Perfect for beginners! Intense blowjob like suction. Made to play hard. Kit includes medical style PVC ball pump. Super stretchy PVC pump sleeve. Heavy duty ABS cylinder. Clear and sturdy vacuum tube. 3 graduating Silicone cock rings. Free love mask, lotions and toy cleaner. Ball pump dimensions width, depth 2.09 inches, height 3.13 inches. Sleeve dimensions length 4.9 inches, width 2.3 inches, depth 1 inch. Cylinder dimensions length 3.22 inches, width, diameter 2.07 inches, depth .08 inch. Tube dimensions length 17.5 inches, width, diameter .23 inch, depth .06 inch. Cock ring diameters small 1.2 inches, medium 1.6 inches, large 2 inches.